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Let the Otaku USA Holiday Gift Guide Fill Your Last Minute Needs!

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It’s been quite a year, to say the least, so hopefully we can spend the rest of it in peace with some of our favorite anime and manga for a little much-needed relaxation. If you’re hoping to help yourself or a loved one do so this holiday season, we’ve got a gift guide with some highlights to give all your last-minute shopping the otaku boost it so desperately needs.

Whether you have anime box sets at the top of your list or you want to mix it up with figures and other types of merchandise, here are some highlights that cover all the fan-favorite bases.

Super Mario Manga Mania (VIZ Media)
Price: $9.99
Available: Now via Amazon, RightStuf

To release all of Yukio Sawada’s hilarious gag manga take on the Super Mario series would be quite the undertaking. Instead, VIZ Media opted to publish a small collection curated by Sawada, and the results are glorious. This modest but essential release should be enjoyed by all fans of Nintendo’s portly plumber, and the stories within cover game entries that span the entire series.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Vol. 1 Limited Edition Blu-ray (Aniplex of America)
Price: $159.98
Available: Now via RightStuf

Demon Slayer was one of the names that totally summed up 2020, so there’s no better way to close it out than with Aniplex of America’s stacked box set of the TV anime. This Blu-ray box set isn’t just gorgeous on disc; its physical extras are top notch, as well, making it an instant centerpiece to any anime collection.

Haikyu!! Season 3 Premium Box Set (Sentai Filmworks)
Price: $149.98
Available: Now via RightStuf

You’d be hard pressed to find a sports anime more exciting and uplifting than Haikyu!!, and you definitely won’t find a more comprehensive collection than Sentai Filmworks’ Season 3 Premium Box Set. Whether you’re going through this volleyball saga—based on the Jump manga by Haruichi Furudate—for the first time, or adding it to the archives to revisit, there’s a reason Karasuno’s team members are considered Very Good Boys, and it’s all on display here.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Complete Box Set (VIZ Media)
Price: $169.99
Available: Now via Amazon, RightStuf

Moving away from anime box sets, we have one of VIZ’s handful of comprehensive manga collections. There’s something awesome about grabbing an entire series in one fell swoop, and you can now do so with Sui Ishida’s followup to Tokyo Ghoul, the Tokyo Ghoul:re manga. The set packs volumes 1-16 in a sturdy illustrated box with a double-sided poster.

Naruto Shippuden Fleece Throw (VIZ Media)
Price: $45.99
Available: Now via Amazon

If you want to stay warm while pledging your allegiance to one of the most notorious groups in Naruto history, you can wrap yourself tight in the official Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki Cloud Throw Blanket. This fleece throw isn’t as deadly as the logo would have you think, but it is just as comfy as it looks.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 10th Anniversary Ultra Edition Blu-ray
Price: $259.99 (currently $194.99)
Available: Now via RightStuf

How much Gundam can you handle this month? If you want to close out 2020 with an overstuffed boatload of mecha action and political intrigue, RightStuf has the complete Mobile Suit Gundam 00 10th Anniversary Ultra Edition Blu-ray just for you. In addition to the 50-episode anime series, this monster set comes with both OVA series, the A Wakening of the Trailblazer movie, a 236-page hardcover art book, four double-sided art cards, a fabric poster, a Haro metal keychain, and a large car magnet, all in a sturdy chipboard box.

Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji (DENPA BOOKS)
Price: $21.95
Available: Now via Amazon, RightStuf

If you want to up your heart rate, you need to get your hands on DENPA’s release of Nobuyuki Fukumoto’s Kaiji manga! You won’t find a more hot-blooded, pulse-pounding story about high-stakes gambling, and you can currently get the first two plus-sized volumes for less than the suggested retail price.

This is just for starters. There were so many releases in 2020 worth picking up, so hopefully this points you in the right direction in the final remaining days ahead of the holidays!

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