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Original Battle Angel Alita Author Whips Up Art for Hollywood’s Movie

alita: battle angelWe’re dangerously close to the premiere of the long-awaited Alita: Battle Angel movie, which has James Cameron and director Robert Rodriguez adapting the Gunnm—AKA Battle Angel Alita—manga by Yukito Kishiro. To promote the upcoming release, Kishiro illustrated a new visual for the cover of Kodansha’s Evening manga magazine.

The issue hits stands on February 12, timed nicely ahead of the movie’s February 22 premiere in Japan. Check out Kishiro’s new illustration below, followed by a comment on the adaptation.

battle angel alita

Here’s what the creator had to say about the movie:

“The core part of the manga was brilliantly passed on to the film. Including the characters’ emotion and raison d’etre, they were perfectly reflected in the film, so I was very happy.”

And here’s the Japanese dub trailer:

Source: Alita: Battle Angel Japanese Twitter via Crunchyroll