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One Piece Theme Park Attraction Opening in March

About that headline… there’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news is you’re not going to be able to stroll over to Universal Studios and hop on the Going Merry any time soon; pardon the disappointment. The good news is anyone near the Japanese prefecture of Aichi will be able to follow Luffy and co.’s exploits via a new theme park attraction that runs from March 20 to June 27!

Okay, I know no one really read that and thought we’d be getting something over here, but it’s nice to dream. For now, The attraction at the Lagune Gamori marine resort complex—billed as a “One Piece Memorial Log in Lagunasia”—will be the first park attraction in Japan to recreate the journey of Eichiro Oda’s beloved characters.

Does this mean the ride will provide thousands upon thousands of hours of entertainment, including abundant yet still effective filler portions? That remains to be seen, but there’s certainly enough quality material in the series to make for prime theme park entertainment. No matter the content, I want access to this attraction. Who’s up for a trip to Gamori City?

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