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Nintendo 3DS Dated and Priced in Japan

Thanks to Nintendo’s latest press conference, we now have a great deal of concrete information about the release date, pricing, and more of their next handheld, 3DS.

The stereoscopic 3D, glasses-free system will launch in Japan on February 26, and retail for 25,000 yen (about $300). While the US pricing is still up in the air, this should give a rough (and higher) ballpark figure of what to expect when it reaches North America.

Other tidbits illuminated include the system’s support of DSiWare, making sure all of your downloaded titles don’t go to waste. 3DS will also have its own portable Virtual Console where you can download Gameboy and Gameboy Color games, as well as some 3D iterations of classic NES titles.

In addition, there’s a nice little video here of pretty much all the announced 3DS titles in action.

Source [Game|Life]