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Ninja Slayer Now Has a Ninja Trailer

A few months back, word dropped that Studio Trigger (Kill la Kill, Little Witch Academia) would be adapting Ninja Slayer, a ludicrous sendup of Japanese ninja tropes as seen through the eyes of uninformed Americans, but actually written and created by Japanese people pretending to be uninformed Americans on twitter, and… maybe you should just check out this trailer they released at Anime Expo the other day:

So okay. This is going to be awesome. If you need some kind of bullet point to really drive it home, Ninja Slayer From Animation is going to be directed by Inferno Cop director Akira Amemiya, who I trust without question to knock this thing out of the park… perhaps like some kind of Ninja Baseball Batman.
If you’re interested in reading the collected novelization of Ninja Slayer (which yeah, you are, trust me), Tokyo Otaku Mode has released two volumes of that so far, and are slowly releasing new volumes of a manga version, too.

Studio Trigger has announced a 2015 release date for Ninja Slayer From Animation. I’m probably just going to keep Ninja III: The Domination on constant loop until then.

Source: Famitsu