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Night Head 2041 Anime Inspired by 90s Show Shares Trailer

The live-action series Night Head played in Japan in the early 90s, and it led to the anime and manga Night Head Genesis more than a decade later. The franchise is getting a new anime series titled Night Head 2041 that’s debuting this July, and a second trailer has been released.

The trailer also told us more about the cast. Daisuke Ono plays Naoto Kirihara, Nobunaga Shimazaki plays Naoya Kirihara, Takahiro Sakurai plays Takuya Kuroki, and Kensho Ono plays Yūya Kuroki.

George Iida, who directed the live-action series, has taken on the task of writing the anime. The previous anime incarnation was licensed in America by Media Blasters. Night Head 2041 will also receive a manga, stage play and novel to go with it.

Source: ANN


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