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Next Pokémon Anime Film Gets Official Title and Trailer

pokémonThanks to an update on the official site we now have more info on this year’s Pokémon movie. The 21st feature in the series is titled Pokémon the Movie: Everyone’s Story, and its five protagonists are on display in a new trailer and visual.

The story picks up after the 20th feature, I Choose You!, and has Satoshi/Ash meeting the five new characters during Fuura City’s annual Wind Festival. The characters include high-schooler Lisa, notorious liar Kagachi, timid researcher Torito, eccentric Pokémon-hating lady Hisui, and the mysterious girl known as Largo. You can meet them all in the trailer below.

There’s also a shorter teaser:

And a visual:

pokémon anime

Pokémon the Movie: Everyone’s Story has Pokémon XY TV anime director Tetsuo Yajima at the helm, with Kunihiko Yuyama—who has been directing Pokémon movies since 1998—moving to an animation supervisor role.

The film opens in Japan on July 13.

Via Crunchyroll