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New York Maid Cafe Report

As I waited outside the NY Maid Cafe, about half the people I saw pass by stopped to
gawk, giggle nervously, and perhaps take pictures. “Isn’t that–??”
This place has made a lot of local news stories since we last saw it. A few months ago a
humble bubble tea establishment which happened to have a maid dress hanging behind
the counter, the NY Maid Cafe is now in full
moe-moe bloom.

The décor is not the kawaii assault of the Akiba-style maid cafe. With dresses, candy
and merch strewn about, it feels more like you’re hanging out in the maid’s living room.
My bubble tea was brought to me by a smiling twin-tailed maid in a black apron – was
she their leader?! Chinatown has high bubble tea standards – why, Kung Fu Tea is just
across the street – and I’m pleased to say that mine delivered. Neither too milky nor too
sweet, this matcha bubble tea was just right.

The maids – certainly you’re wondering? – were as cheery as you could ask for: you can
tell they’re having fun being anime maids. That being said, it was a busy night and the
maids mostly stayed behind the counter.

Japanese-style curry, beef bowl and other Japanese treats are on offer, but we didn’t
get dinner there (Chinatown is an incredible place to get dinner, and we had a spot in
mind…). We did, however stick around for two rounds of tea, and none of us expected
to be there that long. It was a genuinely pleasant visit, and were I around this part of
town more often I imagine I’d drop by frequently.

Schatzkiste, however, remains the strongest.

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