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New York City Gallery Holds Katsuhiro Otomo Tribute Exhibition

New York City Gallery Holds Katsuhiro Otomo Tribute ExhibitionIf you’re in NYC, here’s an exhibition you’ve got to check out. The new Philippe Labaune Gallery in Chelsea is holding an exhibition dedicated to Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo.

The exhibition features art from well over a dozen artists paying tribute to the manga and anime master, whose other works include Domu, Short Peace, Steamboy and more. It also has some art from Otomo himself. It runs from April 8 to May 8.

The gallery has revealed the following list of artists:

Dominique Bertail, Mathieu Bablet, Ian Bertram, Matthieu Bonhomme, François Boucq, Boulet, Francesco Cattani, Simone D’Armini, Adrien Demont, Jean-Jacques Dzialowski, Benoit Féroumont, Manuele Fior, Joel Jurion, Kalonji, Viktor Kalvachev, Nicolas Keramidas, Li-An, LRNZ, Dilraj Mann, Laureline Mattiussi, Hugues Micol, Giannis Milonogiannis, Marion Mousse, Katsuhiro Otomo, Paul Pope, Vincent Perriot, Sara Pichelli, Victor Santos, Olivier Vatine, and Vince.

You can see a large sampling of the pieces on the gallery’s site.

Here’s the official word from the gallery:

Philippe Labaune Gallery is pleased to present the inaugural exhibition, Good for Health – Bad for Education: A Tribute to Otomo. The exhibition showcases illustrations by 29 international artists in homage to Japanese artist Katsuhiro Otomo’s seminal 1982 manga series: “Akira.” Featuring a selection of new work, the exhibition builds upon the 2016 tribute curated by Julien Brugeas at the Angoulême Festival hosted by France’s Ministry of Culture and Galerie Glénat, which honored Otomo’s distinct aesthetic contribution to the genre.

Source: ANN

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