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New Pikachu Robot Sings, Dances and Attacks

The new toy “Let’s Talk! Norinori Pikachu” can respond to commands and interact with you. If you ask it to sing, it will sing the Pikachu song. If you ask it to dance, it will dance to the Pokémon theme song. If you tell it to attack, it will (probably not that viciously). If you tell it you’re going out or going to bed, it will also have specific responses to that.

It can also play a game with you where you guess which direction it will move. It knows which direction your voice comes from and will turn its head accordingly. But it also comes with the warning that if you play with it too much, it will get upset. Apparently even Pikachu robot toys need some time off!

The toy costs 8,800 yen (about $80) and can be ordered here.

Source: grape


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