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New Ranma 1/2 Capsule Toys Make Us Nostalgic

Before Adult Swim made InuYasha a hit, Rumiko Takahashi’s best-known work among American anime fans was probably Ranma 1/2, the manga and anime about a martial arts-studying boy who’s sometimes a girl.

American fans old enough to remember Ranma (or those who saw it for the first time thanks to last year’s rerelease) should get a kick out of these new capsule toys on sale now in Japan.

The toys, meant to be put on top of one’s desk, come in five different types: male Ranma, who can be used to hold a pencil or pen, female Ranma, Shampoo, Genma, who can be used to prop up a small memo, and P-chan, who comes with a kettle.

Each figure costs ¥300 (about $2.50) and can be purchased through capsule vending machines nationwide.

Ah, natsukashii.

Source: Natalie.mu

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