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New Legend of Galactic Heroes anime in production

There’s a new Legend of Galactic Heroes anime on the way.

Legend of Galactic Heroes
, a sweeping space opera novel series by Japanese author Yoshiki Tanaka, was the basis for a long-running original video animation directed by legendary animator Noboru Ishiguro. An epic achievement, the animated LoGH was released over a period of nine years and totaled 110 episodes, and that’s not counting the multiple films and spinoffs, which wound down in 2000.

So we were a little shocked to learn this week that Legend of Galactic Heroes will be the basis for a brand-new anime. The news was announced during the end of a performance of a stage production also based on the LoGH novels, and was confirmed by Tanaka’s secretary on Twitter, who emphasized the new anime would not be a remake of the first anime, but a new work based on the original novels.

But with the original series comprising 110 episodes, plus the 52-episode Side Stories and three films, we’re curious just what there’s left to cover. It’s entirely possible the new anime will aim to condense the sprawling narrative into something less time-consuming, which folks who have struggled to finish all 2,812 minutes of the original might appreciate.

Source: ANN

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