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New My Hero Academia Movie Leaps Past 1.1 Billion Yen

my hero academia movie

The latest weekend box office numbers from Japan are in, and they have the new My Hero Academia movie continuing to pull in the yen. The franchise’s second feature has been out for three weeks, and has so far made a decent 1.1 billion yen in its home country.

Compared to the first film, My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes: Rising is at about 88.7% of that one’s three-week gross. With those numbers in mind, its current trajectory makes it unlikely to be exactly as successful as the first movie, but it’s holding relatively strong in fourth place for its third weekend.

Here are the full numbers from the weekend of January 4-5:

1 (2). Frozen II – 11.28 billion yen
2 (1). Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – 5.24 billion yen
3 (4). Otoko wa Tsuraiyo Okaeri Tora-san – 700 million yen
4 (3). My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes: Rising – 1.1 billion yen
5 (5). Kamen Rider Reiwa The First Generation – 700 million yen
6 (6). Eiga Yo-kai Gakuen Y – Neko wa Hero ni Nareruka – – 600 million yen
7 (9). Shijin-sou no Satsujin – 880 million yen
8 (7). Gozen 0-ji, Kisushi ni Kiteyo – 980 million yen
9 (10). Jumanji: The Next Level – 790 million yen
10 (11). Lupin The Third: The First – 1 billion yen

Here’s the movie’s New Year’s promo:

Source: Eiga.com via Crunchyroll