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New Girls und Panzer Anime Project Announced

More girls! More panzers!

A new Girls und Panzer anime project, entitled Girls und Panzer: The Last Chapter, is on the way, according to an announcement at a Girls und Panzer event on Sunday.

Aside from a few screenshots, not much else has yet been announced, and it’s not clear whether The Last Chapter will take the form of a film, TV series or something else entirely.

The Girls und Panzer film, which was released in November 2015 after significant delays, did extremely well at the Japanese box office, earning over 2.3 billion yen as of August, and is still playing in some theaters.

Some fans on Japanese social media are worried that animation company Actas, who did the animation production on the original Girls und Panzer series and film, may not be involved with The Last Chapter.

Further announcements are expected at a Girls und Panzer event on November 13, where director Tsutomu Mizushima will make an appearance.

Source: Yaraon

Matt Schley

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