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Netflix Releases New Seven Deadly Sins Trailer, Interview with Creator

Yesterday Netflix released two new videos related to The Seven Deadly Sins: a trailer for The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement, and an interview with creator Nakaba Suzuki.

In the trailer you can hear “Hikari Are” (Let There Be Light), the new theme song by Akihito Okano. The anime will start airing in Japan on January 6, then be streamed by Netflix in North America.

The interview with Suzuki shows him talking while doing a pen sketch of Meliodas. Suzuki discusses his design for Meliodas, his thoughts on who should voice him, and his interactions with other characters.

“Meliodas becomes serious in season four,” Suzuki says. “I hope you enjoy seeing a Meliodas you haven’t seen before. To prevent his character from getting too dark, the characters around him give him their support. So, along with Meliodas, please also watch how the other members play their active roles.”


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