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Which Netflix-Produced Anime Are Getting the Most Viewers Globally?

Netflix may not have released the numbers of its bestsellers, but content marketing company NeoMam Studios has done some interesting research. Utilizing Google’s Keyword planner and Flixable, they got an idea of which Netflix-produced anime were getting the most searches in 2019. NeoMam’s client Budget Direct published their results.

Game Rant, which picked up the story, wrote about how the number one spot went to The Seven Deadly Sins. All told, it was the most searched in 127 nations last year!

It’s also interesting to see which Netflix-produced anime do best in which countries. For instance, in Greece and Croatia they’re all about Castlevania, while Violet Evergarden takes the cake for most searched in Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

What about Japan itself? Their most searched is BEASTARS, which is also the most searched in 34 other nations and is second only to The Seven Deadly Sins. While the list doesn’t give us any hints about anime not produced by Netflix, it’s still a fascinating look at business and local tastes for anime.

Source: Game Rant

Budget Direct


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