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Naruto Spinoff Anime Premieres March 3

It’s time to start preparing for the anime adaptation of Naruto spinoff novels Itachi Shinden-hen. According to the March issue of Saikyo Jump magazine, the recently revealed animated take on The True Legend of Itachi is set to debut on March 3.

The Naruto Shippuden: Itachi Shinden-hen anime is based on the novels by Takashi Yano, which were released in two parts, the Glory Volume and the Dark Night volume. 

Here’s a promo:

Amazon describes the first volume:

Itachi Uchiha, age four. After seeing what occurs on the battlefield up close, he makes a certain decision. He decided that he would change the world. The dream that Itachi aimed for. His dream: A Hokage from the Uchiha clan, and a future where those he loved could live in peace. His time in the ninja academy, his meeting with Shisui, becoming a Genin, Chunin, and finally a member of the Anbu… Itachi ran straight down a path of glory, not knowing that a cruel darkness was spreading… 

This is the story of the glory, frustration, and determination of the ninja called a genius.

Via Anime News Network