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More Cast Joins The Executioner and Her Way of Life Anime

executioner and her way of life

The Executioner and Her Way of Life anime is set to adapt the isekai fantasy light novels of the same name by Mato Sato and illustrator nilitsu this April. Ahead of that, three new cast members have been revealed, and you can check out their character settings below for a look at their designs.

The latest additions to the cast include:

Yuma Uchida as Mitsuki:

Yuko Kaida as Flare:

Tamie Kubota as Orwell

Here’s an English-subbed trailer for the series from earlier this year:

The Executioner and Her Way of Life is directed by Yoshiki Kawasaki (Ascendance of a Bookworm assistant director), with series composition by Shogo Yasukawa (Chivalry of a Failed Knight) and Michiro (given) handling music for the J.C. Staff production.

Yen Press publishes the series in English and Sentai Filmworks recently announced the license of the anime with plans to stream on HIDIVE and release the series on home video later. Here’s the official synopsis:

When interdimensional travelers from an otherworldly land known as “Japan” appear, they often bring death and destruction. It’s up to Executioners like Menou to track and exterminate the Lost Ones before they wreak havoc. When Menou encounters a beguiling Lost One named Akari, it’s bloody business as usual… until Menou discovers Akari can cheat death, that is. Even so, Menou has a job to do, and she is committed to her executioner’s mission come hell or high water — provided her newly stirring feelings don’t get in the way.

Via Crunchyroll