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More Businesses Searched for Possibly Bribing the Tokyo Olympics


The Tokyo Olympics bribing scandal continues to grow. Previously, Otaku USA reported on Kadokawa having its offices raided and some employees being arrested. The Kadokawa company responded by apologizing publicly and creating a Corporate Governance Inspection Committee. But Kadokawa is not the only company embroiled in this mess.

Now offices for Hakuhodo Inc. and Tokyu Agency Inc. (both major advertising agencies) and Fuji Creative Corporation and Same Two Inc. (event production businesses) have been searched by prosecutors this week. This is following raids on Dentsu Inc. (another advertising agency) and Cerespo Co. (another event production business) last week.

Police additionally raided Sun Arrow, a toy company, because police believe that Sun Arrow bribed is way to being the licensed maker of the Tokyo Olympics’ toys.

Police think that millions of dollars were spent on these bribes, and that there were 26 rigged open bids involving 56 test events. A total of nine companies got those bids. So far, police have searched six of the companies. Contracts signed to be involved with Olympic events come out to about $144 million. Things keep being traced back to Haruyuki Takahashi, who used to be on the Tokyo Olympics Committee, and who is at the center of the controversy.

There have been some confessions that the bribery allegations are true. Other people have remained silent. Kadokawa chairman Tsuguhiko Kadokawa, who has been arrested and indicated, says that money was given, but insisted that he had “absolutely no recognition on his part that the money constituted a bribe.”

The company Kadokawa has said this about the ongoing scandal: “We take this matter very seriously, and deeply apologize to all those concerned including our readers, customers, authors, creators, business partners, shareholders, and investors for the considerable inconvenience this matter has caused.”

Source: Anime News Network


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