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Mezzo Forte’s Hardcore Action Comes to Home Video

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It’s a serious clash of killers as the elite group known as the Danger Services Agency does whatever it takes to bring down a ruthless mob boss. That’s right, it’s Mezzo Forte, and you’ll be able to pick up SoftCel Pictures’ DVD release on November 14!

The mob boss in question is Momokichi Momoi, who doesn’t take kindly to failure. In fact, even when his own legitimate businessmen don’t get the job done, he kills them, which is why the D.S.A. is so keen on taking him out for good.

Even with ex-cop Kurokawa, tech guru Harada, and the lethal lady Mikura on the team, however, this job isn’t going to be easy. Throw in Momokichi’s daughter Momomi—who kills for kicks rather than profit—and you have a showdown that will go down in the annals of hardcore anime history.

Written and directed by Kite‘s Yasuomi Umetsu, this 2000 OVA is not for the faint of heart. Sexy, violent, and… well, it’s probably worth saying violent again, Mezzo Forte is an action-packed piece of animation you won’t soon forget. It’s up for pre-order now, so secure your copy and get in on the excitement to come.

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