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Meet Watson Amelia, Gawr Gura, and Other English VTubers at FAN EXPO

Hololive’s English speaking VTubers Watson Amelia, Gawr Gura, Mori Calliope, Ninomae Ina’nis, and Takanashi Kiara are coming to North America with the 2021 FAN EXPO x Hololive EN North American Tour.

“Already a massive industry in Japan, this tour marks the first time VTubers have toured North America to connect virtually with in-person audiences,” FAN EXPO explained in a press release. “Convention attendees will have the opportunity to participate in fun games and interact with the VTubers through live Q&A sessions. The VTubers, live from Japan, will be able to see the attendees and speak to the audience in real time during the presentation.”

Watson Amelia and Takanashi Kiara will be at MEGACON Orlando (August 12-15); Watson Amelia, Ninomae Ina’nis and Takanashi Kiara will be at FAN EXPO Boston (September 3-5); Watson Amelia, Mori Calliope and Takanashi Kiara will be at Calgary Expo (September 10-12); Watson Amelia, Gawr Gura and Mori Calliope will be at FAN EXPO Dallas (September 17-19); and Watson Amelia, Gawr Gura and Ninomae Ina’nis will be at FAN EXPO Canada (October 22-24).

The press release credited NePt Japan and Wasabi Anime for helping make this happen.

Source: Press Release


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