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Take Your 2D Anime Crush on a Date at Café Kojika

If you’ve ever wanted to go out on a date with your anime crush and found it impossible, there’s a café in Tokyo that can make it a little more real for you. Recently discovered by SoraNews24, Café Kojika encourages you to bring along your crush in the form of, say, a plushie or acrylic figure, and they’ll serve the both of you matching items.

They’ll make both of you the same drink (one of their specialties is dyeing cream soda whatever color you want, so you can theme it after your crush). But when it comes to food, instead of carting out tiny meals, they give your crush plastic meals. That said, the plastic meals are modeled in detail after whatever it is you ordered off the menu. Take a look at the picture above for an example.

Is this a place you’d take your anime crush on a date?

Source: SoraNews24


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