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Unlicensed Mario Kart Tour Company Loses Another Lawsuit to Nintendo

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It seems like just yesterday we were posting about the time MariCar was defeated in court by Nintendo. Now the Japanese Go Kart tour service—which rents Mario Kart-themed cosplay to customers and lets them whizz around the streets of Tokyo in annoying little karts that cause no shortage of trouble—has officially lost its second battle with the Big N.

Naturally, Nintendo felt compelled once again to file a lawsuit against the company, which had since changed its name from MariCar to Mari Mobility. After losing the first cease and desist case, Mari Mobility appealed against the order to pay Nintendo 10 million yen (about $92,000) in damages, so Nintendo took the case to the Intellectual Property High Court.

As of May 30, Attorney General Mori Yoshiyuki made the call, issuing an interim judgment that slapped Mari Mobility with copyright infringement. Now, the next step involves determining the amount of damages Mari Mobility owes.

Here’s what Nintendo had to say about the case:

“We will continue to take necessary measures against infringements of our brand in order to protect our valuable intellectual property that we have developed over the years.”

Via SoraNews24