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MangaGamer Has Higurashi, Other Titles at a Discount

MangaGamer has made a nice niche for itself through the sale of text-heavy dating-sim games—or “bishojo games,” if you will—translated into English. If you’re curious about any of their titles but have been holding off on giving them a spin for whatever reason, there’s now a pretty hefty sale going on at their site.

For example, you can choose from a variety of Higurashi titles for just $13.26 a pop, making a decent-sized dent in their original $30 price point. The same goes for the popular Da Capo, which is discounted generously from its higher price. MangaGamer also has an adult section with some… very interesting titles, some of which are also on sale.

Best of all, it appears these new prices are permanent. You can see the price drop details on all of the above and more at their related blog entry. Has anyone here tried out any of these games before?

MangaGamer home page

Source [Japanator]