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Man Steals from Schools to Get Taste of the World of Love Live!

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A 28-year-old man named Kohei Ohori is on trial for breaking into schools and stealing items. Ohori is up-front in confessing that, yes, he did do these things, but the reason he gave is unusual: he says he did it because of the Love Live! franchise!

“I wanted to get a taste of the world of Love Live!,” he’s on the record as saying.

The thieving began last fall. First Ohori apparently went inside a Shizuoka City public high school and took supplies. When he didn’t get caught, he went to a private school that houses both middle school and high school girls, and took more supplies.

Confirmed items stolen include a desk and amplifiers. A news video in Japan showing evidence of what they found from him makes it appear that he stole a lot more than that, though.

Apparently the anime made the man feel nostalgic for high school, and he wanted to get the high school feels again, remarking, “I wanted to immerse myself in the memories of my student days.”

The report did not say how long Ohori might go to jail for stealing, or when the trial might end. But anime is probably not going to be seen as reason for stealing.

Crunchyroll streams the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime series in America. Here is the description they gave for it:

“Uranohoshi Girls’ High School, a private school in the seaside neighborhood of Uchiura at Numazu city, Shizuoka prefecture. A small high school in a corner of Suruga Bay, it is home to nine teens, led by second-year student Chika Takami, driven by one seriously big dream: To become the next generation of bright, sparkling ‘school idols’! As long as we don’t give up, any dream can come true… All we have to do now is keep pushing hard for glory! Now their ‘School Idol Project’ begins to make their dreams come true!”

Source: SoraNews24


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