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Man Obtained Fake ID For AKB48 Handshakes

A 26-year-old man in Kyoto was arrested for possession of an illegal fake ID card, it was reported January 6.

His motive for owning the card: to attend more AKB48 handshake events.

Part of the charm (read: marketing gimmick) of idol group AKB48 is the real-life interaction that fans can have with the group’s members, including the infamous handshake events, which require purchase of limited-edition CDs containing tickets that allow fans a few precious seconds of hand contact.

These CDs require a photo ID with purchase, so this Kyoto man’s idea to double his purchasing power with two IDs.

The man was caught when he lost his wallet, which contained both IDs, and went to retrieve it at his local police station.

These handshake events are not just about innocent, awkward AKB fans. Last year two members of the group were attacked by a saw-wielding man at an event, promoting the group to up their security measures.

Source: Tokyo Reporter

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