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Man Arrested for Forging Popsicle Sticks to Win Pokemon Cards

Man Arrested for Forging Popsicle Sticks to Win Pokemon CardsIs life bringing you down lately? Got the COVID blues? Hey, at least you’re not a grown man who got arrested for making fake popsicle sticks.

Okay, the sticks themselves weren’t fake, the writing on them was. Here’s the deal: there’s a famous brand of popsicle sticks in Japan called Garigarikun. Last year, if you got a lucky stick, you could send it in and get some rare Pokemon cards in return.

Enter Takashi Ono, 43, who forged 25 fake winning sticks and send them in to the company. They took a good hard look at the sticks and, realizing something was fishy, reported Ono to the police.

Not exactly the most brilliant scheme of all time.

Here’s the winning card, by the way:

This is kind of like the opposite of this recent story!

Source: Japan Times

Matt Schley

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