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College Student Puts $80,000 Toward School Thanks to Pokémon Cards

pokémon cards

You never know which one of your seemingly wasteful hobbies will eventually turn around and earn you some much-needed scratch. In the case of Caleb King—a college student studying at the University of North Georgia—his vice was Pokémon cards growing up, and now they’re going to help pay his way through school.

Fox 5 Atlanta ran a story on Caleb, whose parents initially disapproved of him spending money on Pokémon cards all those years ago. While he invested about $4,000 in the hobby over the years, since he started selling his high-end cards he’s already managed to pull in over $80,000. His ultimate goal is to help pay for school and make his way to medical school, where he aims to start the journey toward becoming an orthopedic surgeon.

As for his sales, he’s not done yet. He still has a bunch of big-time cards in his possession, and estimates he could fetch somewhere in the neighborhood of an additional $50,000 via auctions. Check out his full story below.