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Mamoru Hosoda’s The Boy and the Beast Roars into Theaters

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Mamoru Hosoda has been delighting anime fans with instant classics for years, from 2006’s The Girl Who Leapt Through Time to 2010’s Summer Wars and 2012’s Wolf Children. Now his latest anime film The Boy and the Beast is finally getting ready to make its theatrical debut in North America, with

The Boy and the Beast tells the tale of a young orphan boy named Kyuta. His life on the streets of Shibuya goes topsy-turvy when he stumbles into a fantastical world of beasts, shortly after which a rough-and-tumble warrior beast named Kumatetsu takes him in as his new apprentice. Kyuta and Kumatetsu may not get along at first, but their developing bond and training regimen will gradually combine to help stave off a looming threat. 

Will this unlikely duo be enough to combat the deep darkness that aims to send the worlds of humans and beasts alike into chaos? However this one shakes out, the journey there is guaranteed to be every bit as electrifying as the thrilling final showdown.

With director Mamoru Hosoda returning to his headquarters at Studio Chizu for The Boy and the Beast, the results are nothing short of dazzling. Whether you want to find out why everyone raves about his films for yourself, or are simply pumped to see his latest gorgeous concoction, the wait is over at last. Head to

for more information on The Boy and the Beast showings, including a handy theater locator, and let the magic unfold before you this weekend.

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