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Makoto Shinkai’s Weathering With You Continues to Top Japanese Box Office

weathering with you

It was always going to be tough for Makoto Shinkai to top his previous success with Your Name., but his latest anime film Weathering With You is holding on just shy of it in the Japanese box office. The feature hit the number one spot for the second week in a row, and just recently crossed the four billion yen mark with three million tickets sold.

That impressive milestone comes just one day later than it took Your Name. to hit the same numbers. Weathering With You‘s second weekend was down 15% from the first, while Your Name.’s second weekend went up 24.8% from its first three years ago. Still, even without hitting the exact numbers of Your Name., it’s clear Weathering With You is another success for Shinkai.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the new Tokyo Ghoul movie, which opened with 110 million yen in the seventh spot in the first weekend and dropped out of the top 10 completely in the second.

Here’s the full weekend box office report from Japan for the weekend of July 27-28:

 1 (1). Weathering With You – 4 billion yen
 2 (1). Toy Story 4 – 5.5 billion yen
 3 (new). The Great War of Archimedes – 346 million yen
 4 (new). Kamen Rider Zi-O the Movie: Over Quartzer – 246 million yen
 5 (new). The Secret Life of Pets 2 – 223 million yen
 6 (4). Aladdin – 10.95 billion yen
 7 (3). Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution – 1.7 billion yen
 8 (5). Spider-Man: Far From Home – 2.84 billion yen
 9 (6). Child’s Play – 240 million yen
 10 (8). Diner – 1.05 billion yen

Source: Eiga.com via Crunchyroll