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Madoka Magica Rebellion roundup

It’s a big week for Puella Magi Madoka Magica news here in Japan. Where to even start? Lend me your strength, Madoka!

The biggest bit of news, of course, is the release of the third and final Madoka film, Rebellion, which hit Japanese theaters on October 26th. The box office numbers aren’t out yet, but based on the high level of promotion ‘round town the past few weeks, we’re going to take a stab and say it did all right.

Some lucky viewers of the film, reports Japanese site AnimeAnime, are set to receive some bonus goods. Those seeing the film from its opening day until November 1st got some “Magical Quartet deluxe mini colored paper.” Great. Attendees from November 2nd to 8th get a postcard (there are seven in all). Finally, Madokagoers from the 9th on get a frame of film from the movie. The promoters of the film declined to comment on whether this is a pretty blatant attempt to get people to see the film multiple times.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. This week also saw the release of a free smartphone app called Madoka Magica AR Camera. It allows the user to insert magical girl Homura into his or her photos. It doesn’t appear to have any geographical download restrictions (the iPhone version, anyway) so let’s get going on a worldwide Homura tour, guys.

Finally, the Japanese Blu-ray box set of Madoka has been announced. It’ll street on December 25th (also known in some lands as “Christmas Day”). A 2 CD Madoka music collection will appear the same day. Both can be yours for a mere 29,925 yen (about 300 bucks).

Source: AnimeAnime

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Matt Schley

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