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Lycoris Recoil Creator Launches Manga Double Helix Blossom

Lycoris Recoil Creator Launches Manga Double Helix BlossomDid you like Lycoris Recoil? Then you may be interested to learn its creator, Asaura, has launched a new manga called Double Helix Blossom.

The manga debuted in this week’s edition of Coro Coro Comic. It’s illustrated by Gomeyuki Nishima, with characters created by SWAV.

The manga takes place in the near future, in which terrorists are engaged in maneuvers behind the scenes. A police officer who was put into cold sleep 60 years ago due to injury is reawakened in Japan. While learning about the modern world, this cop is paired with a sidekick who has a criminal record but useful psychic powers.

Double Helix Blossom will also be getting a board game in Japan.

Here’s how Crunchyroll describes Lycoris Recoil:

For these peaceful days――there’s a secret behind it all.

A secret organization that prevents crimes: “DA – Direct Attack”.
And their group of all-girl agents: “Lycoris”.

This peaceful everyday life is all thanks to these young girls.

The elite Chisato Nishikigi is the strongest Lycoris agent of all time.
Alongside is Takina Inoue, the talented but mysterious Lycoris.
They work together at one of its branches–Café LycoReco.

Here, the orders this café takes range from coffee and sweets to childcare, shopping, teaching Japanese to foreign students, etc.
It’s mostly tasks unbefitting of Lycoris.

The free-spirited and optimistic pacifist, Chisato.
And the cool-headed and efficient Takina.
The chaotic everyday lives of this mismatched duo begin!

Source: Comic Natalie

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