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LUPIN THE 3rd Part 4 Debuts on Adult Swim This June

It’s 2017, so that means it’s time to celebrate Lupin III, who has been stealing both valuable objects — and the hearts of audience members — for half a century. Along with celebrating the 50th anniversary of the character’s creation, the latest anime series, LUPIN THE 3rd Part 4, is going to be airing on Adult Swim.

“Lupin is a cool, comedic, and attractive character; I have watched the show since I was a child,” Masami Tokunaga, Vice President of TMS USA, said in an official statement. “The style has not changed and it is still my favorite show. We are so excited about launching on Adult Swim to celebrate the 50th anniversary. We are planning a lot of marketing activities for Lupin’s 50th anniversary, along with this new broadcast and would like to expand Lupin in various ways in the US.”

The subtitled version is already available on Crunchyroll, and if you want to watch the English dub, then June 17 is the date to mark on your calendars, and Adult Swim’s Toonami block is the place to be. Since he’s been on Adult Swim before, it seems fitting that Lupin continues his storyline there, especially in this important year. In Part 4, we’ll see Lupin getting ready to tie the knot (so he can nab the Libertas crown, naturally) and dealing with MI-6. Nothing Monkey Punch’s character can’t handle, right?

But maybe the real question is: how are you going to celebrate Lupin III’s big year?