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Love Stage!! Live-Action BL Movie Will Start Streaming This Week

The streaming platform GagaOOLala has picked up the live-action movie BL movie Love Stage!! The movie first came out last year, and it’s based on the manga by Taishi Zaou and Eiki Eiki. It’s in Japanese but has different subtitles, including English, available for viewers. It will become available May 28.

You can see a trailer on the GagaOOLala website.

GagaOOLala gave this description of the story:

“Love Stage!! follows the life of Izumi Sena, your average, everyday boy who’s miraculously born into your not-so-average family of celebrity parents and siblings. With a mother who’s an artist, a father who’s a singer and an elder brother who’s literally a rockstar, Sena wishes to do nothing with the entertainment industry and instead yearns to become a successful manga creator. An otaku, nerdy college student, Izumi is reluctantly made to star in a television commercial where he’s required to wear a dress and act opposite to the other actor on set, the dashing Ryoma Ichijo. It’s an instant case of love at first sight for Ryoma who mistakes Izumi for a woman. But as fate would have it, Ryoma soon realizes that Izumi is the same person he met ten years ago and has held feelings for him right since the day he set eyes on Izumi. However, Ryoma’s feelings for Izumi doesn’t seem to change despite him ultimately realizing that Izumi is actually a boy and not the girl he thought he was.”

Love Stage!! has also received an anime adaptation released in America by Sentai. The original manga is released by SuBLime.

Source: ANN


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