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Three Love Live! Anthems We Love in Honor of Liella!’s Debut


The Love Live! universe is about to expand, as five-girl group Liella! prepares to take the stage. The media mix project‘s latest installment, Love Live! Superstar!!, kicks off this week. We can’t wait to hear all the new tunes from the new group, so we’re pre-gaming with a few of our favorites from previous seasons.

Here are three of our favorites — one each from µ’s, Aqours, and the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. Did we feature your favorite? Which ones are on your playlist?


µ’s — “Snow Halation”

Possibly one of the most famous Love Live! songs ever, “Snow Halation” was the second single from school idol group µ’s. It’s served as an ending theme for a season 2 episode and remains a fan favorite to this day. It even got a special award in the Heisei Anisong Grand Prix, marking it as one of the definitive anime themes of the 2010s.

For a side of goosebumps, check out this video showing the “Ultra Orange evolution” throughout the group’s concerts. Fans have a tradition of changing the color of their pen lights to correspond with the lighting change in the music video. And the bigger the crowd gets, the more amazing it looks.


Aqours — “Mijuku DREAMER”

Speaking of chills, Aqours brings them with a song that’s simultaneously beautiful and surprisingly cheerful. The Love Live! Sunshine!! group performed the song in episode 9 of season 1, under a shower of fireworks.

The title translates to “Young DREAMER,” and the lyrics go right along with that. The song hopes for a fun, happy future, even if we can’t predict what comes next. And, on brand for the Love Live! series as a whole, it focuses on singing, working hard, and pushing yourself to be your best.


Setsuna Yuki (Nijigaku) — “DIVE!”

The students of Love Live! Nijigasaku School Idol Club have a very different philosophy from previous seasons. Where other clubs work together to become cohesive units, the girls of Nijigaku work with each other to find their own styles and identities. Setsuna Yuki in particular takes this to heart, helping to rebuild the club after it was disbanded.

Her song “DIVE!” is one of the many solos in the project, in which the school’s individual idols sing out their goals and aspirations. In Setsuna’s case, this means putting aside her fears of following her dreams, and learning how to share her passions while giving others room to grow.

We’ll see what Liella! brings to the table when Love Live! Superstar!! premieres this week!

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