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Live-Action Ooku: The Inner Chambers Shares Actors in New Season

The second season for the Ōoku: The Inner Chambers live-action series shared more about the actors in the upcoming “Cure Arc.” Nao Matsushita will play Okitsugu Tanuma, Yumi Adachi will play Sadanobu Matsudaira, and Keito Okamoto will play Ihei.

Matsushita has previously done the theme song performance for The Piano Forest and played Kamo Ueba in Chibi Maruko-chan. Adachi’s roles include Amon in The Boy Who Saw the Wind, Julia in Lupin III: Farewell to Nostradamus, and Dolly in Soreike! Anpanman: Inochi no Hoshi no Dolly.

Along with covering the manga’s “Cure Arc,” the second season will cover the “Bakumatsu Arc.” It’s being directed by Taku Ōhara, Sō Suenaga, Hideaki Kawano, and Takafumi Kimura. Yoshiko Morishita, who wrote the scripts for the first season, is back for season two.

VIZ Media publishes the original manga by Fumi Yoshinaga and gave this description for the plot:

“In Edo period Japan, a strange new disease called the Red Pox has begun to prey on the country’s men. Within eighty years of the first outbreak, the male population has fallen by seventy-five percent. Women have taken on all the roles traditionally granted to men, even that of the Shogun. The men, precious providers of life, are carefully protected. And the most beautiful of the men are sent to serve in the Shogun’s Inner Chamber…”

There have been multiple live-action adaptations of this series. Its anime adaptation will premiere this summer and be available to stream on Netflix.

The manga has received various awards and honors, including receiving the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize, the James Tiptree, Jr. Award, the 1st anan Manga Prize, the Grand Prize in the 42nd Nihon SF Taishō Awards, the 56th Shogakukan Manga Prize (specifically for the shojo category), and the 5th Sense of Gender Prize’s Special Award.

Source: ANN


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