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Live-Action BL Series Sempai! Anything But Romance Shares Trailer

The boys’ love manga Sempai! Anything But Romance (Sempai! Danjite Koi de wa!) is getting a live-action series adaptation. The manga has not been licensed in America. Ahead of the June debut, a trailer has dropped for the series.

Besides being on Japanese TV, the series will also be available for streaming on bilibili, GagaOOLala, Viki and doramakorea.

Toshiki Seto and Shūichirō Naitō have been cast as the leads, Yūki Kaneda and Atsushi Yanase, respectively. Looking toward the rest of the announced cast, Satoshi Matsuda plays Shunsuke Imaizumi, Shū Watanabe plays Hayato Ichikawa, Rikako Sakata plays Chise Ōmura, Taisuke Niihara plays Haruki Iguchi, Junya Asada plays Kōhei Nakamura, and Hitomi Uneda plays Sakura Tanimoto. In addition to that, Shunsei Ota from OCTOPATH is going to guest star in the seventh and eighth episodes, though his character isn’t listed.

The ending theme song will be called “Ato Sū Senchi” (translated as “Just A Few Centimeters More”) and performed by Hilcrhyme.

The story takes place in an animation studio. Yanase works as a CGI artist there and thinks he’s better than everyone else. But then he’s tasked with training budding animator Yūki, and now we have a BL story as the two draw close.

The original manga was created by Shinta Harekawa, and it debuted on Kadokawa’s Comic Fleur website in summer 2019. A year later, the manga sequel Sempai! Danjite Koi de wa! Brush up was released. Because of the series adaptation, Harekawa is returning to these characters to create a sixth chapter for Sempai! Danjite Koi de wa! Brush up. It will be published on June 16.

Harekawa is also the mangaka behind Everyone Stand Up! Boys Love Private High School and Zenin Kiritsu! Shiritsu BL Gakuen Koutou-Gakkou Tachibana × Mizuki hen, both of which have been licensed by futekiya.

Source: ANN

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