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Limited Edition Pokémon Nail Polish Is Coming Next Month!

Do you need some Pokémon nail polish to go with your Pokémon clothes and Pokémon jewelry? The Japanese company uka has you covered with their limited edition uka Pokémon Study Series consisting of six different nail polishes!

Each nail polish is associated with a different Pokémon, and there are some aimed at kids and some aimed at adults. The Meowth nail polish is beige and yellow, the Eevee nail polish is more of a brown color, and the Piplup nail polish is grayish blue. These are the “adult” nail polishes, and they are mostly made from plant-based substances and have moisturizer in them.

Moving on to the kids’ nail polish, the Pikachu nail polish is of course vibrant yellow, the Jigglypuff nail polish is hot pink, and the Scorbunny nail polish is orange.

If you’re wondering, “Wait, what’s the difference between adults’ and kids’ nail polish?,” there is an explanation. The difference is simply that the kids’ nail polish is easier to take off. You can just soak your fingernails in hot water instead of dealing with nail polish remover. But of course if a kid wants to use an adult’s nail polish (under supervision, perhaps, depending on the age) or vice versa, these have you covered.

Each bottle of nail polish is 2,750 yen (about $21.95). If you want to get the whole set, that’s referred to as the “uka Pokémon study six stars collection” and costs 18,260 yen (about $145.06).

So they’re more expensive than your typical nail polish, but they’re also much rarer. The whole set can only be preordered between May 6 and May 11. The individual nail polishes will make their store debuts in Japan on May 13, and they will be available in uka stores.

What do you think of this latest Pokémon beauty merchandise?

Source: SoraNews24


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