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Leiji Matsumoto Working on New Galaxy Express 999 Manga

galaxy express 999Leiji Matsumoto’s classic Galaxy Express 999 manga has inspired a live-action drama, and a press conference was held for the project this week. It turns out this isn’t all that’s in store for the series, because Matsumoto confirmed he is currently working on a new Galaxy Express 999 manga story.

Here’s what he had to say about his progress:

“I have already started drawing a new story. It has reached the point that the characters arrive at the entrance of Black Hole Tunnel. Then the story will go beyond time, we don’t know where they will go, the past or future. I have finished drawing that much… I plan to finish it properly in the end, before I die. But I also feel like everything in my life will be ended at the same time 999 ends, so I don’t want to draw it yet.”

This follows the 32-page “Dream Black Hole” episode that was recently released with the 80th anniversary book back in February.

The 60-minute, Chiaki Kuriyama-starring drama was broadcast live on BS Sky PerfecTV! in Japan on June 18. You can see one of the press conference videos with Matsumoto and the cast below.

Source: Mantan Web via Crunchyroll