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Hit the Road with the Long Riders! Anime on Blu-ray

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The luring strength of “cute” can be a powerful gateway, and that’s exactly what Ami Kurata finds out when she decides to get a cute and compact folding bicycle. Before she knows it she’s deep in the world of long-distance cycling, and you can follow her amazing journey in the Long Riders! Complete Collection on Blu-ray.

long riders!

When Ami first buys her folding bicycle, she spends her time going on biking trips with her more athletic friend Aoi. It isn’t until they meet a new group of friends who are already deeply enamored with competitive cycling that their world truly opens up and expands. Could there possibly be more to this than smoothly commuting from one location to the next?

Ami and Aoi soon discover the unbeatable thrill of traversing Japan under their own power and competing in long-distance cycling events. If you’ve ever found yourself thrust into a hobby out of nowhere, you’ll be able to relate to the sheer fun of the journey on display in Long Riders!

long riders!

Based on the manga by Taishi Miyake, the Long Riders! anime is directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara (Black Clover, Monster Musume), with Natsuko Takahashi (Comic Girls, Urahara) handling series composition at anime studio Actas. Join Ami and her friends on the ride of their life when the Long Riders! Complete Collection arrives on July 17.

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