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Last Gasp to Publish Rampo-based Suehiro Maruo Title

Evan and Ryan of super-awesome-why-don’t-you-bookmark-it-ASAP blog Same Hat are teaming up with Last Gasp once more, this time to bring us the work of the inimitable Suehiro Maruo. In case it slipped your mind, their last collabo brought us Yusaku Hanakuma’s Tokyo Zombie, which was a hell of a way to kick things off.

The Maruo work in question is The Strange Tale of Panorama Island, and is based on a novella by legendary Japanese author Edogawa Rampo. Only the third of Maruo’s manga to be released stateside (the other two being Creation Books’ Ultra-Gash Inferno and Blast Books’ Mr. Arashi’s Amazing Freak Show), Panorama is being planned for publication in Spring 2010.

Source [Same Hat!]