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Kill La Kill Sunglasses Available

Everyone’s doing it, but let’s face it, cosplaying Kill La Kill can be a pretty scary proposition. The heroines’ transformed forms are like reverse swimsuits, the kind of “body armor” that can get you arrested for indecent exposure. As such, I saw a whole lot of Mako at the last anime convention I was at. A lot of Ryuko and Satsuki in casual clothes, the rare battle armor. Two brave souls went out there in Nudist Beach uniform (and, I must presume, bodysuits).

But thanks to the real-life otaku Grand Couteriers at Cospa, there’s an even easier way! Sunglasses for Aikuro Mikisugi and Houka Inumuta are up for preorder. It’s not a full costume set, but Mikisugi’s 80s cop shades and Inumuta’s Virtua Fighter 1-era cyber shades are both going to make you feel real cool. Anime cool. And what’s a hundred bucks (roughly, after shipping) for anime cool?

Just make sure you don’t get out there and start acting like Mikisugi, or you’re definitely gonna get arrested and then we’re right back at square one. And when is the Inumuta auto-zipping jacket coming out? I’ll pay any price to live in that future!

(I did see a Mikisugi cosplayer rocking pink nipple LEDs at Anime Boston. I presume he was given a medal the moment he stepped onto the premises.)