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KFC Spain Is Offering Otaku Fried Chicken for the Holiday Season

Christmas is not a traditional Japanese holiday, but it’s a holiday that has taken off in Japan. And while in America foods associated with Christmas might include fruit cake, Christmas cookies and egg nog, in Japan it’s all about eating fried chicken on December 25. Apparently KFC in Spain has caught on to this, because they’re selling Otaku Burgers, Otaku Fried Chicken and more.

The fried chicken comes in a box with a manga-style character on it, and KFC Spain’s ads include Japanese writing that says, “In Japan it’s customary to eat KFC at Christmas.”

Because of the Christmas angle, these are limited-time only meals and aren’t staying on the menu permanently. The otaku options joined the menu on November 22 and will stick around until January 16. Part of what makes them otaku — or, at least, influenced by Japan — is the use of teriyaki sauce, and an article from SoraNews24 says the teriyaki sauce is especially sweet.

Spain does have a significant otaku population. The manga Dragon Ball was licensed in Spain in the early 90s, and interest in anime and manga continue to grow. (You can read an in-depth article on Spanish fandom here on Otaku USA.)

And this doesn’t appear to be the first time someone has come up with the idea of an otaku burger. There is a restaurant in Mexico named Otaku Burgers. Their burgers have names like Kawaii, Waifu and Senpai.

While Spain is enjoying Otaku fried chicken, over in Japan they’re enjoying . . .Pepsi Fried Chicken Senyo Cola. That’s translated as “Pepsi Cola Exclusively for Fried Chicken.” So, yes, Pepsi specifically made a kind of cola designed to go with fried chicken and they’re advertising it for the holiday season in Japan. Here’s an ad for it.

Would you be interested in eating otaku burgers or otaku fried chicken?

Source: SoraNews24


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