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Kaiji Manga Announces Brief Hiatus

kaiji manga

Nobuyuki Fukumoto occasionally puts the Kaiji manga on hiatus for various reasons, and there’s another brief one on the horizon. As announced in this year’s 45th issue of Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine, the Kaiji manga will be taking a break until the 49th issue. If everything goes according to plan, the issue with the return of Kaiji in it should ship sometime in November. 

The Kaiji manga first launched in the magazine back in 1996, and has so far been collected in 88 volumes. It previously inspired live-action films in Japan and China, as well as a reality game show and two seasons of TV anime. 

Denpa publishes the manga in English, with Manga Planet releasing it digitally. Here’s how Denpa sums up the story:

Ne’er-do-well Kaiji Itou’s shiftless existence is suddenly rattled by a visit from the yakuza. Burdened by debt and resentment, Kaiji is coerced into gambling for his worthless life. As the stakes grow higher and the rules become increasingly more bizarre, Kaiji must finally take the future into his own hands!

Via Anime News Network