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Kageki Shojo!! Anime Heads Toward Climax in New Promo

kageki shojo!!

Summer 2021 TV anime Kageki Shojo!! is gradually heading toward its climax, and the latest trailer is here to prepare everyone for the buildup. The story will officially enter the Cultural Festival Audition arc starting with the 11th episode, “4/40″—which will air in Japan on September 11—so now is a great time to look back at the progress the girls have made up to this point.

The title “4/40” in in reference to the audition for Romeo and Juliet, for which only 4 out of 40 students will be selected. Watch as lead character Sarasa Watanabe and the rest of the cast offer up a quick refresher and an anticipatory tease below.

There’s also a campaign on Twitter for posting impressions from the series. Those who want to participate can visit the site, choose their favorite scene from the available photos, and tweet impressions with the hashtag #かげきしょうじょクライマックス to be entered into a drawing to win a poster or sticker from now until September 14.

Funimation has been streaming the Kageki Shojo!! anime as it airs. Here’s the official synopsis:

The curtain rises on the Kouka School of Musical and Theatrical Arts. Spotlight on Sarasa Watanabe, a starry-eyed 5’10” student who dreams of performing as Oscar, a male lead role. She forms an unlikely friendship with her new roommate, a former idol who now also hopes to join the all-female Kouka Acting Troupe. Together, they’re in for the role of a lifetime.

Via Crunchyroll