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Superstar Singer Gackt Suspends Activities Due to Neurological Disease


Japanese singer and actor Gackt has had an incredible career, so it’s safe to say fans were stunned to read the latest news on the 48-year-old’s current condition. Gackt’s management agency put out a press release to announce that all of the singer’s activities have been suspended indefinitely following a troubling update on his health.

On August 6, Gackt let his agency know that he wasn’t feeling well after coming back to Japan from overseas. Following a consultation with doctors, it came to light that Gackt’s early-onset neurological disease was now a life-threatening condition. As a result of its recent progression, the singer lost 22 pounds, and despite his currently stable condition he will not be able to perform or do any voice work.

As for what’s next, the agency’s statement added that Gackt aims to develop a treatment plan with his doctors so that he can eventually return to performing. One of the key issues is that this particular neurological disease triggers dysphonia, which causes involuntary muscle spasms within the vocal chords and makes it difficult for those affected to maintain vocal control.

It sounds like it’s going to be a long road for Gackt, but we wish him the best in his efforts to make a full recovery.

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