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Visual Kei Legend Gackt Plays Old Video Games On Youtube

Gackt’s, uh, got some time on his hands.

That’s the impression I got when I read Gackt, the best-selling solo musician, actor and former vocalist for visual kei band Malice Mizer, would be launching a Youtube channel on which he plays old video games, every day, for a year.

The channel, which is called “Game Center” (but with a different spelling than is usual in Japanese, making for a pretty lame pun), features Gackt trying to make his way through games like Megaman 2 and Super Dodge Ball. Trying is definitely the operative word: the thing’s been running since June 30th, and he’s yet to clear the first stage in Megaman 2.

The whole thing is obviously inspired by GameCenter CX, a Japanese TV show which features comedian Shinya Arino trying to make his way through classic games, but with one episode every day for a year, we can’t fault Gackt’s ambition.

On the other hand, he’s just sitting around playing games. So maybe we can.

Source: Famitsu

Matt Schley

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