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Junichi Suwabe Joins Young Black Jack Cast

With the anime adaption of Yū-Go Ōkuma and Yoshiaki Tabata’s Young Black Jack manga rapidly approaching its October 1 premiere on TBS, another member of the voice cast has been revealed. The latest update has Junichi Suwabe (Grimmjow in Bleach, Dandy in Space Dandy) voicing the young version of the doctor who will go on to become Black Jack’s rival, Dr. Kiriko.

In addition to Suwabe, previously revealed cast members include Yuichiro Umehara as the young title character, Shizuka Itō as Maiko Okamoto, Kōji Yusa as Yabu, and former Black Jack voice Akio Ōtsuka as the narrator.

The Tezuka Production anime is being directed by Mitsuko Kase (Saikano), with Ryousuke Takahashi (VOTOMS) on series composition and UMIKUUN performing theme song “I am Just Feeling Alive.”

Source: Natalie via Crunchyroll