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Juné Bringing Complete Series of Only the Flower Knows to Print

Juné, the yaoi imprint of Digital Manga Publishing, has shared more than one tease about news this month. Last Friday it revealed the release dates for future volumes of Twittering Birds Never Fly, and today it’s sharing new acquisitions for print titles.

“We’re excited to announce our acquisition of Takarai Rihito-sensei’s popular series Only The Flower Knows, as well as its sequel Hana No Miyake De! Previously released through our digital only imprint DMG, the complete series of Only the Flower Knows will soon be available to own physically and digitally,” Juné said in a statement to Otaku USA.

Juné further stated in an email to Otaku USA that Volume 1 of Only the Flower Knows will be re-localized.

Rihito is also the mangaka behind Seven Days and Ten Count.

Source: Email correspondence


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