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Japanese Man Arrested for Selling Bootleg Nude Love Live! Body Pillows

If you have the license for a particular property, it’s perfectly fine to use said license to produce huggable and extremely popular body pillow covers—AKA dakimakura—based on various characters from the series. This applies to the Love Livefranchise, as well, but there’s no way in hell Sunrise would ever allow anyone to make official nude hug pillows.

That didn’t stop one Japanese man from allegedly selling pillows featuring naked versions of Love Live! girls. Officials from the Ibaraki Prefectural Police arrested a 50-year-old man under suspicion of this very crime on September 12. The suspect is accused of selling a nude Love Live! Sunshine!! body pillow cover via an online auction on May 2; just one of a string of sales that have pulled in around three million yen, or about US$27,800 over the past three years.

While police don’t buy the man’s denial of the charges, they do believe this to be part of a larger problem. He may have been selling the pillows, but they don’t think he was actually manufacturing them, so the hunt is on the find the source of production.

So, take note: If you see nude Love Live! Sunshine!! pillows, they are most definitely not legit…

Source: Sankei News via SoraNews24